The Power of Purpose

Leveraging purpose to impact performance

Today's successful organizations have mastered differentiation. They operate within a context that's bigger than a mission or vision. When a person's orientation to their job transforms from performing work to making a difference, they become exponentially more engaged to produce something great. 

Join leaders from across industries for a webinar on distinct ways to bring out purpose in your organization and drive growth in 2018.

Join us Wednesday, April 18, 11:00 am-12:00 pm EDT for a lively conversation. 

Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the webinar.

Driving Exceptional Growth in 2018

In this webinar, you will: 

Connect Purpose 
to Results

Understand how a compelling purpose 
impacts engagement and results 

Get Quick Ways to 
Grow Purpose

Learn approaches to connect each individual's 
purpose with the purpose of the company 

Uncover a New Aspect 
of Customer Service

See how purpose can help your people turn 
customers into advocates

Collaborate with 

Share thinking with leaders from different 
companies and industries