Challenge or Be Challenged: How to Succeed in Today’s Business Environment

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Forbes Insights Article - Challenge or Be Challenges

Summary: The demanding and shifting business environment requires a change in how leaders think and act. While change isn’t easy, the biggest threat is being a leader wedded to past successes and traditional thinking. Old ways may no longer work. Executives who do not continually reframe their mindset to fit the times will be left behind.

To explore this issue, Forbes Insights, in collaboration with Gap International, conducted a survey of 400 CEOs, COOs, presidents and managing directors. Respondents represented a range of industries, including retail, telecommunications, technology, financial services, healthcare, media and insurance. Geographies included the US, Europe, and Asia. All companies had at least $1 billion in annual revenues. Forbes Insights also conducted in-depth interviews with several top executives to add context to the findings.

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